A Divine Undertaking 

The holy trinity:

We approach your wedding day with a renewed sense of creativity, a quiet anticipation, and expert artistry. Our films poetically reflect your signature style, bold design choices, and forever preserves the most intimate moments of your celebration with delicate care. 

Lydia & Josh offer a boutique experience to a limited number of twelve couples per year. Custom proposals and multi-day coverage options ensure every moment is documented. They arrive a day before the wedding or earlier for international weddings, and a
pre-wedding scout is included to create a film that reflects your sophisticated venue and exquisite day. 

"Our experience working with J&L was nothing but perfect..."

"They set up times for us to zoom and even worked around the time change that we had living across the country. During the wedding, they were behind the scenes capturing the details without being in your face. They had simple requests that they had thought about that would work in our video and this made our video that much better."

Sarah, Bride, Berrien Springs, MI



The Highlight Film 


Full-Length Films


Super 8 film Coverage

PHOTO BY Hannah Forsberg 
PHOTO BY Molly Carr

“By being natural & sincere, one often can create revolutions without having sought them”
- Christian Dior